Collection: Durable and Light Single Speed Spacers in Stock Now!

Ever in need of a single speed set up for your current park/enduro rig?  Well, here is a good option at a great price, compatible with all micro-spline freehub bodies our new product allows you to utilize your Shimano Cassette set up with only the 10 or 12 tooth cogs depending on which gear ratio suits your needs.  No extra parts required!  Single speed conversion as never been so simple!  Simply Slide our Spacer on the freehub body and then add your cog of choice, tighten down with lockring and you are all set to use your current chain and derailleur as tensioner.  We created this for those that are in need of a quick and easy single speed set up without the hassle of buying a tensioner, new single speed chain, and single speed cog.  Simple and easy to use was the thought behind it, every spacer is designed and created in Idaho with materials from the US that are made in the US.  We also take quality into our own hands with our master machinist and designing and manufacturing our product in our own workshop, every product is measured and inspected for the tightest tolerances and the best of quality.